Cairo Nights – Single

Release Date: 2013-06-10
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Lyrics / Letras

Ya habibi, enta hayati
Matsibnísh ana uahdy
Ayzza nifdal maa baad ala tul
Bassi hubina da mustahiil

Time, unpredictable time.
When we’re together it flies,
and it won’t come back.
From the moment I saw you,
I was trapped by your black magical eyes
(but) it was not the right time.

How can it be so bad
When it makes me feel so good.
Baby if I could change your mind.

Do you remember Cairo nights
always together, running wild
and our oath by the Nile

The bridge was shining under the moon.
You took my hand, looked into my eyes…
but you were not mine.

Love will never end.
Stories will be told.
Whises from above.

Don’t give up on our dream.
True love is so hard to find.
Don’t say goodbay.
Can I ask you why are there tears in your eyes?
(all) this pain is killing us.
Don’t break my heart.

Baby if I could change your mind.